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Felt Cat Caves – A Must-Have for Any Cat Owner Looking to Spoil Their Pet

On the hunt for the ultimate lounging and sleeping spot for your beloved cat? Look no further than a cozy felt cat cave!

These enclosed wool dens provide cats with a sanctuary that appeals to their natural instincts to seek shelter, privacy, and security when resting.

In this article, we dive into all the unbeatable benefits felt cat caves offer felines by providing insulation, reducing stress, controlling odors, and more. We overview what features to look for when selecting the perfect cave for your cat, along with our top 5 picks based on quality and reviews.

You’ll learn insider tips on sizing, placement, transitioning your cat, safety precautions, and proper cleaning methods.

If you want to treat your kitty to something they’ll adore while enhancing their quality of life, a felt cave is a must-have. Join us as we explore the many perks of giving your cat their own handcrafted woolen hideaway and why they’re bound to love lounging in this cozy enclosed space.

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What is a Felt Cat Cave?

A felt cat cave is a handcrafted cat bed made from natural wool felt fabric in an enclosed, domed or rounded shape. The thick felt creates a protective environment that provides comfort and security.

These caves allow cats to fulfill their natural instinct to find shelter and privacy when resting. The enclosure offers insulation, soothing security, and seclusion from any overstimulation. For many cats, a felt cave becomes their favorite place to retreat.

Benefits of Felt Cat Caves

There are many advantages to felt cat caves that make them an ideal bed:

Natural Materials

Made from biodegradable and chemical-free wool, safe if nibbled or scratched. Gentle on sensitive cat skin.


Thick felt retains body heat, creating a cozy nest. The enclosure prevents drafts that can chill cats.


The enclosed design appeals to cats’ instincts to seek shelter and hide away. Offers privacy and protection.


Soft yet durable felt cushions cats while retaining the bed’s shape. Provides joint and muscle support.

Aesthetic Appeal

Stylish patterns and colors allow the cave to double as décor. Fun patterns fit your cat’s personality.


Lightweight construction makes felt caves easy to move around the house. Bring it anywhere your cat goes.

Odor Control

The natural wool material resists absorbing odors even with repeated use.

Mental Stimulation

Kneading and rubbing on the textured walls provides mental enrichment.

Hairball Aid

The enclosed space and kneading motion can help move hairballs through your cat’s digestive tract.

Stress Relief

The privacy and security help anxious or timid cats feel relaxed and reduce stress.

Features to Look For

Consider these features when selecting a felt cat cave:


Check dimensions to ensure the cave is roomy enough for your cat to fully stand, stretch, and turn around inside.

Wool Quality

High-density wool felt prevents flattening, ideal for retaining shape after use. Prevents deforming.

Design Elements

Look for wide dual-side entrances, non-slip rubber bottoms, and removable cushions.

Fun Patterns

From modern prints to earth tones, the pattern options make this functional bed also stylish.


Select a well-constructed cave made to last with reinforced seams and stitching.

Interior Details

Some caves have padded or cushioned bottoms for additional comfort and support.

Top 5 Felt Cat Cave Picks

Based on reviews, quality, and overall cat approval, here are 5 top-rated felt caves:

  1. Playria Cat Cave: Made in Japan from dense wool with a rubber grip bottom and soft pillow lining.
  2. MEOWFIA Premium Cave:  Features thick, molded wool felt and a dual-cave design perfect for multi-cat households.
  3. Kitty Cot Cave Bed: The original patented cave bed is made in the USA with eco-friendly dyes and quality stitching.
  4. Furrari Felt Cave: Fun and modern patterns like polka dots, ridges, and stripes make this cave a stylish accent piece.
  5. Friends Forever Cave: A budget-friendly option with a cozy sherpa interior and thick protective walls.

Positioning Your Cat’s New Cave

Place your cat’s felt cave in a spot they’ll love:

Sunny Areas

Cats love basking in the sun filtering into their cave. Place near sunny windows.

Elevated Surfaces

Up on cat trees, shelves, or tables appeals to their desire for heights.


Position it away from noisy appliances and high-traffic areas for privacy.

Cozy Additions

Put familiar bedding or catnip inside to make it extra welcoming.

Near Humans

Having it in your living space provides security with your presence nearby.

Introducing Your Cat to Their New Cave

Use these tips to help your cat adjust to their new felt cave:

Gradual Introduction

Allow initial exploration at their own pace without forcing them inside.

Positive Associations

Sprinkle catnip around the openings to entice the entrance.

Familiar Scents

Put a familiar worn blanket inside to make it smell welcoming.


Be patient – it may take weeks for full acceptance.


Offer treats as positive reinforcement for entering the cave.


Place favorite toys inside to make them part of their daily routine.

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Signs Your Cat Loves Their Cave

Watch for these behaviors to know your cat has embraced their new sanctuary:

  • Spending long periods sleeping inside
  • Kneading and rubbing on the interior walls
  • Hiding treats or toys inside like a stash
  • Returning to it often throughout the day
  • Not wanting to leave the cave when disturbed
  • Choosing it over other beds
  • Grooming themselves inside

Safety Tips

While safe for cats, take these precautions with felt caves:

  • Remove collars before entering to prevent snags
  • Check for damage and fraying regularly
  • Wash periodically to prevent bacteria buildup
  • Supervise use to ensure cats don’t get stuck
  • Trim nails to avoid getting caught on wool fibers

Choosing the Right Size Cave

Picking the properly sized felt cave for your cat is important:

  • Measure your cat from nose to tail tip while standing
  • Add a few inches to allow stretching and repositioning
  • Weight capacity should be 50% above your cat’s weight
  • If sharing, size for the largest cat with extra room

Kittens will quickly outgrow a small cave. Select a size appropriate for their full-grown length.

Fun Pattern and Color Options

From solids to stripes, felt caves come in exciting colors and patterns:

Solid Colors

Choose bold colors or neutral earth tones like brown, tan, gray or cream.


Eye-catching patterns like polka dots, flowers, paisley, plaid, hearts or abstract shapes.


Faux fur, shaggy, curly faux wool, or soft minky fabrics create visual and tactile interest.


Some caves mimic objects like food bowls, fruit slices, or animal shapes like sharks or elephants!


Add custom details like your cat’s name, paw prints, or photos.

Quality Construction and Materials

Look for these hallmarks of a well-made felt cat cave:

Wool Density

Thicker high-density wool felts maintain their shape and provide durability.

Reinforced Stitching

Tightly stitched seams prevent ripping and damage from cat claws.

Water Resistant

Wool naturally repels moisture, ideal for a cat bed which can get accidents.

Non-Toxic Dyes

Ensure dyes used on the wool and fabrics are pet safe if ingested.

Rubber Bottom

Non-slip rubber bottoms prevent sliding on smooth floors and add stability.

Removable Cushion

Provides cushioning and makes cleaning the interior easier.

Placement Tips for Cat Cave Beds

Strategically place your cat’s cave in the best spot:

High Up

Elevated surfaces like shelves or cat trees make cats feel more secure.


Allow sunbeams to filter in so cats can bask in the warmth.

Private corner

Tuck it away in a quiet, peaceful area with low foot traffic.

Near Humans

Having it in a living space provides security with people nearby.

Warm Rooms

Heated spaces or near vents keep the cave cozy in colder months.

Comfort Items

Put familiar blankets or toys inside to make it welcoming.

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FAQs About Felt Cat Caves

Are felt caves machine washable?

  • Spot clean only. Hand wash the exterior with wool cleaner only if needed.

How often should it be washed?

  • Spot clean interior as needed, full wash every 2-3 months.

Will my cat actually use a cave bed?

  • Most cats take to enclosed beds but be patient during an initial adjustment period.

Are caves safe for kittens?

  • Yes, but supervise use until they are grown to ensure proper size fit.

Can I put catnip inside the cave?

  • Yes, a little catnip can make the cave more enticing and enriching.

Treat Your Cat to the Cozy Comfort of a Felt Cave

A felt cat cave provides the perfect enclosed space for your cat to relax and take refuge in. The insulation, security, and comfort offered by these wool dens create a sanctuary your beloved pet is sure to appreciate. Give your kitty the luxury of its very own handcrafted hideaway!

These cozy caves allow your cat’s natural instincts to be satisfied indoors. The protective environment reduces stress and overstimulation. Your feline can flourish when you provide them with their own private retreat.

Finding the perfect felt cave for your cat does require some careful selection, but it’s worth it when you see your feline napping blissfully inside. Be sure to give them ample adjustment time as they get used to their new sanctuary. Soon it will become their favorite go-to spot for solitude!



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